Enrollment Process

To become a Referral Associate with ICICI Bank, you just need to go through the following 4 easy steps:

  1. Registration on the online platform:
    1. Fill in the online registration form at www.mortgage-connector.com
    2. On submission of request you will receive a unique login id and password
  2. Meeting with sales manager:
    1. To facilitate the enrollment process a dedicated Branch Sales Manager will be assigned to you.
    2. The sales manager will meet you and collect the necessary documents
  3. Documentation: Signing the referral agreement
  4. Enrollment: A unique numeric code called "Broker ID" will be generated upon document submission. This will be your relationship number with the bank.

You can refer leads on the platform once the "Broker ID" is generated.
Kindly note you need to have an ICICI Bank account for the credit of the referral fee. If you do not have an existing account, we will open an account for you as part of the enrolment process.
Following is a list of the sample agreements and formats which will be required to be submitted for the generation of your unique Broker ID.

ICICI Bank agreements and formats
Document Type Description Instructions Format
Enrolment Form Details of the associate to be filled ✔ All fields to be filled Format
✔ Photograph to be affixed
✔ Form to be signed as indicated
✔ Partnership/Company seal to be affixed if applicable Click to view sample
Service provider agreement The agreement between the Associate and ICICI Bank stating all concerned clauses ✔ To be stamped as per the State Guidelines Format
✔ Agreement to be signed on all pages
✔ Any corrections to be counter signed Click to view sample
✔ For company, signature of authorized directors along with company seal to be affixed
✔ Self-attested CV to be appended
Undertaking A form stating details filled are true & correct ✔ To be duly signed by the Associate Format
Click to view sample
Cancelled Cheque Required from ICICI Bank account ✔ Cancelled cheque is to be provided for the ICICI Bank account which will be linked to your ID for payment of referral fee Click to view sample
GST Annexure GST details of the Associate to be filled ✔ Use HSN/SAC code 9971 (Financial and other related services) only Format
Click to view sample
GST Registration Certificate Registration Certificate of the Associate ✔ GST Certificate of the Associate to be attached Click to view sample